Me and my tyre

Can I drag my tyre up Helvellyn? It starts as a question. Lets change around the letters:

‘I can drag my tyre up Helvellyn..’ I’ve made a statement and as soon as I say it to myself, I know I can do it. It will be hard work but I’ve always liked a challenge. 

I started with “I’ll maybe go up half way” knowing that I would want to reach the top when I got there.

After about 10 mins in, I’d already told myself I was getting to the peak. No matter how long it took.

I packed my waterproof, food and a head torch. Ready to be there all night if that’s what it took me! Luckily it did not take me all night..

Terrain was rocky, had to pull the tyre a lot with my hands, I spent more time on my hands and feet than expected!

But I got there. Helvellyn – just me and my tyre

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