It feels as though I have the entire Glacier to myself. I haven’t seen anybody else, I know Louis is also on the Glacier (out of sight) but it is surreal to feel as though I have this huge space all to myself.

I packed up my tent in the morning, waved goodbye to Louis’s tent and I was off. Visibility was good at the start of the day. I had my GPS, map and compass to navigate and used these more later in the day as visibility became poor. It doesn’t feel that different to a whiteout (what I will experience in Antarctica). I can’t see anything ahead apart from white, somebody once described it to me as ‘feeling as though you’re inside a marshmallow’

I stuck to my routine, checked my GPS location on some of the breaks and listened to Michelle Obama’s audio book for the day. I love listening to audio books, still making my list for the Antarctic Expedition.

I have practiced my tent routine in the garden but it takes a little longer on the snow as I have to melt the snow for water. This is always the first job and then I can get on with admin. I was looking forward to dinner (Spaghetti Bol freeze dried meal) by the time I had set up the tent. I then checked in with Louis, gave him my location, wrote my diary and got my head down for the night.

The next day was pretty similar, I stuck to my routine. As visibility was low again, I kept expecting Louis to appear out of nowhere but no sight of him and we had agreed to meet on the last day.

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