on My way

Made it to the airport!

I had this idea 2.5 years ago and I’m finally on my way. Before planning this, I never imagined I would going to Antarctica and doing an expedition of this size. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is not to limit yourself. We are capable of so much, it took me a while to believe in myself but I got there eventually and I’m now feeling ready for the challenge ahead!

Heading to Chile where I will meet all of my kit and equipment that I sent by air freight a month ago. I’ll be there for just over a week before heading to Antarctica!!!

7 thoughts on “on My way

  1. Good luck, Preet! What you are doing is incredible and so many physio friends and colleagues will be willing you on.

  2. Hello Preet. Don’t mind the labels such “a woman”, “person of colour”, etc. The challenge you have taken up is so admirable and my wholehearted wishes for a successful expedition. While I have never done or even thought of doing anything similar, have heard from people who have achieved similar feats, that their journeys were more of a personal discovery and closer to understanding their own self. Hope you get to experience your own true self too. All the very best sister.

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