“I often wonder if you were born years earlier, if the lives of many of us girls would be different”

I was sent this message the other day and I really felt this. How often are we told to stay in our box and discouraged when we do things out of the norm. I’ve often been described as the “rebel” because I choose to do things out of the norm. I’ve been called disrespectful for not being quiet and voicing my opinion. I can’t remember having any role models growing up.

You don’t have to relate to what I’m doing right now, I understand that this is a big expedition. I just want to let you know that it is ok to push your boundaries. I know it’s scary, I’ve been there. When people tell you that you can’t, it’s difficult. Now I think back, how does anybody else know how much I’m capable of?! You might not even know yourself yet. I want to inspire you to believe in yourself. Believe that nothing is impossible.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your goal is. You are so capable

📷 Training in the UK not so long ago!

2 thoughts on “inspire

  1. Preet Look forward to reading about your journey Much admiration for your accomplishments so far and what you hope to do .Am cheering for you
    Chris ,Australia

  2. There have always been adventurous women who dared to defy the norm. You are one of them.

    I have written about my adventures in the 1970’s in my new book “Amazon Hitchhiker – A Woman’s Adventures from Canada to Brazil” . It should be in print later this month.

    I am enjoying reading about your amazing journey.

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