Day 24

Hi everyone, day 24 in Antarctica. I had a good day today, the sun was out and even though I could still feel the uphill slog its great to see where you’re going. I know the pulk is lighter because I’ve had over 20 days of food, but honestly it still feels the same. Maybe it will feel lighter when I get even closer to the south pole.

I’m listening to Will Smiths audiobook at the moment. Its about 16 hours long so I’m still on the first half. I love Will Smith, I grew up watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So, at the start of the book he talks about building a wall when he was younger which seemed impossible but he broke it down and just focused on laying one brick at a time. Eventually, after about a year I think, the wall was built. I think this is a great way to do things. I’m always breaking things down. For example while I’m out here I sometimes break it down into degrees. There’s a total of 10 degrees to the south pole. Sometimes I break it down into the hours I’m travelling that day and on a tough day I just focus on taking one step after the other.

Today I wanted to mention the charities I’m raising money for. I decided to raise money for 2 different causes, one is Khalsa Aid, who’s message is to recognise the whole human race as one. A simple and powerful message. They are a great charity and do some really amazing work. And the other is for an adventure grant that I’m setting up when I’m back. I set up a GoFundMe page earlier this year and even before I had anywhere near enough funding, I decided to split the page, 50% would go toward the expedition costs, and the other 50% toward this grant. The grant will be for women wanting to conduct unique adventures and I will set it up when I’m back. It can be for any adventure, it does not need to be anything to do with Antarctica. I just want to encourage people to push their boundaries and hopefully this will help. I have a few name ideas but if you have any please comment on the post. And if anybody would like to donate to either cause, the links are on the website, under charity.

Thankyou very much. That’s all for tonight.

Adventure grant:

Khalsa Aid:

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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  1. Preet the photo looks like it could be a moonscape – great to hear it is all going well and you are on schedule

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