Day 40 – Finished

Preet has just made history becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition in Antartica. She completed the 700 miles in only 40 days.

She says:

Hello everyone, checking in from day 40. I made it to the South Pole where its snowing. Feeling so many emotions right now. I knew nothing about the polar world three years ago and it feels so surreal to finally be here. It was tough getting here and I want to thank everybody for their support.

This expedition was always about so much more than me. I want to encourage people to push their boundaries and to believe in themselves, and I want you to be able to do it without being labelled a rebel. I have been told no on many occasions and told to “just do the normal thing”, but we create our own normal. You are capable of anything you want. No-matter where you are from or where your start line is, everybody starts somewhere. I dont want to just break the glass ceiling, I want to smash it into a million pieces.

Whos with me?

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

60 thoughts on “Day 40 – Finished

  1. Amazing. It’s been wonderful tracking your progress. Huge congratulations and thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Impressive achievement Preet. Congratulations on a speedy trek to the pole and for smashing the glass ceiling. Safe recovery.

  3. Congratulations!!! Awesome!! Cant wait to see you in person to give you a hug!! You are brilliant Preet, well done X

  4. Huge congratulations- an amazing achievement and truely inspirational . Enjoy that Coke Zero !

  5. Congratulations-well done and a fantastic achievement. You will be an inspiration to so many people. Thank you.

  6. Many congratulations Preet, fantastic!👏👍🎉 enjoy the time there, the return journey, and revelling in it for the rest of your life!🤗

  7. Hi Preet,
    This is incredible, well done. I hope you are going to be spoilt now that you have conquered your incredible achievement.
    We look forward to hearing all your stories.
    Well done 🙂

  8. Well done Preet. A tremendous effort and you are an inspirational person. What you have done, and what you aim to do by encouraging others is very important. Best of luck with the charitable efforts. So glad to have seen you before you departed. Tom Sawford 🙂

  9. Totally awesome!! Well done, you can be so proud of yourself. I did wonder though, do you get extracted by chopper now or do you have to walk another 40 days back? Either way, you’re a superhero!

  10. Fantastic and WOW! Such an awe inspiring achievement! Congratulations! Every Sikh will be proud of you.

  11. Congratulations!
    You have achieved such an outstanding/tremendous milestone in deeds on a brand new year 2022 – I could not agree any more with your message left for all on Jan 3, 2022, by voice – upon your arrival at the South Pole!
    Proud of your achievement! I have to assume – this is only begining!

  12. Hi mate, came across your story from CNN. Wanted to say that your story has been a boundless inspiration to me personally, being a male of south asian origin. Way to break the glass ceiling and thanks for being an everyday hero!

  13. Preet! Big congrats you are smashing it (glass ceiling et al!), so proud of you as is my little four year old Preet who is feeling very inspired 💕

  14. Preet a big congratulations You are awesome to have completed this feat So happy for you Time to celebrate
    Women can do anything

  15. Yes Preet! I am with you! Please check out two people because I think there ideas could resonates with you. Simon Sinek and Margaret Heffernan I think have nailed it when it comes to motivation and collective capacity. I think there TED talks are an easy way into their ideas. Margaret’s is ‘Forget the Pecking Order at Work’ and Simon ‘How Great Leaders inspire action”. You may know them already because you sound like them, do like them so … 😉 Keep up the amazing and remarkable efforts because you have inspired me today, so, thank you very much you amazing being, namaste 🙏

  16. Congratulations Preet – what an inspirational story. Hope you get some rest before your next challenge 🙂

  17. Preet a heartiest congratulations on achieving your dream. What a great feeling it must be to reach the goal. All the best.

  18. Wow, congratulations, mere mortals can’t achieve what you did, but they can be inspired to do everything else.

  19. As a fellow British Asian who also created his own normal, I’m TOTALLY with you!! I have never done anything 1/1000th of what you’ve done, but in my own small way I also don’t ‘stay in lane’. So proud of you and thank you for being an inspiration to all of us!

  20. You are truly a beacon of inspiration to everyone!! Congratulations!! Hope you got to drink your Coke Zero!

  21. Wow … Just Wow! I was about to reach for my gloves on this cold 42F San Jose evening for a walk and then I saw this. You are an inspiration!

  22. Congratulations Preet on your amazing achievement. I only wish that I had known of your trek on Day 1 and I would then have been able to follow your challenge each day.
    You are inspirational.

  23. Preet, hearty congratulations from all of us at Gurgaon, near Delhi, India. We can’t bear the cold here, but this is nothing compared to what you are going through. You are made of steel and a soul endowed with great pluck and courage! Warm wishes for a safe return journey!

  24. So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your journey with us all and congratulations on finishing, hope you got that coke zero. Helen (UK)

  25. Congratulations and your determination, dedication and strong mental strength made this happens. So proud of it and good example to many out there.

  26. Hi Preet.
    Congratulations on all of your achievements thus far, and reaching the South Pole. Following your journey via your daily audio messages have been an inspiration. So delighted to hear that you’ll be encouraging the next generation upon your return. Congratulations on your engagement. Best wishes for all of your future adventures.
    Warm greetings,
    Lincoln Mansfield

  27. Wow – Day 42 and I am sure the sweet taste of victory is still sinking in. You just showed us all how far true grit and determination can take us. Fantastic – inspiring – thank you.

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