Leaving the uk

I was going to start this off with it has been a busy week but it has been a busy few years since I first had this idea.

I’m so excited to start and so grateful for all of your supportive messages. I haven’t been the best at responding to messages over the last few months (or probably the last year).. it has been a busy one.. but the training, the stress, the sacrifices are all worth it.

I believe if you really want something, you will do anything you can do get there.

As I’ll be offline for a few months, I’ve spent the last week, sending my last work emails, turning my out of office on, making sure all my bills are paid before I go. You want all your life admin done before leaving. I don’t want to be thinking about my car insurance while I’m on the ice!

I will shortly be on route to Chile where I will meet my air freight (my pulk, food, equipment – I sent this out at the beginning of the month).

It feels good to be on route. My daily blogs will be posted by my partner, Dave and sister in law, Sonia. I’m so excited to take you on this journey with me.

4 thoughts on “Leaving the uk

  1. Hi Preet
    I do hope that you are going ok, & will keep safe, whilst enjoying the Antarctic.
    With love from James, Dawn, Lucy & Alice Miller.

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