Antarctic Crossings 🇦🇶 

Great connecting with the amazing expeditions crossing Antarctica this season.

@spiritlivesantarctica (Emily Chapman, Vincent Carlsen, Jack Forbes, Sean Taylor, Kelly Kavanagh, Tim Geronimo) are six members of the Australian Defence Force skiing over 1700km from Hercules Inlet to the Reedy Glacier 💪🏽

@antarctica2023 (Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson) are skiing 2023km from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf which will be the longest unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica 💪🏽

And then there is me heading from Hercules Inlet to Reedy Glacier which will be the first female solo unsupported crossing 🙌🏽

All expeditions are using @zerosixzero mapping so you can follow our journeys.

@ericphillips has ascended Reedy Glacier twice and provided some really useful information about his routes. Thank you Eric! 

What an awesome group to be part of. We’re unlikely to see each other during the expedition but potentially at the end 🎿 

Hoping to fly out tomorrow!

From left to right: Richard, Gareth, Jack, Me, Kelly, Vincent, Sean, Emily, Tim

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