Phase 2 – day 29

Hi everyone. Another tough day today. A whiteout and soft snow, so hard work dragging the pulk but I’m in my tent now.

I have been asked many times how people in my community responded to me going to Antarctica and since I came back earlier this year. To be honest, the response has been mixed. Some people have been amazing and others don’t have much interest.

Before leaving for phase one, I struggled to get a lot of people interested. I think a lot of people didn’t understand what I was doing or just didn’t care. When I got back earlier this year, some acted as though they had been on board the entire time which was frustrating, and others have still shown no interest. I understand what I am doing is different, something different from the norm but how amazing would it be if we supported those that need it, when they want to do something different from the norm and not just come on board when it is a success.

Many of my choices were not supported because I wanted to do things that were different from the norm (joining the Army, going on adventures just to name a couple). So often, I’m still asked ‘Preeti tu viah kado karna,’ – ‘Preet, when are you getting married’ because that is still seen as the most important thing by many.

I just want to show that we should celebrate so many different achievements and encourage our community to push their comfort zones not making it harder for them to do so. It is already hard enough, we don’t need people from our own community adding to that.  

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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