Phase 1

Hercules Inlet to the South Pole

On 3 January 2022, I completed my 700 mile solo expedition to the South Pole, becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition on the continent. This involved me pulling a pulk (sledge) with all of my kit, battling temperatures of up to -50c and wind speeds of up to 60mph for 40 days. I completed daily voice blogs which you can still listen to on the map below.

This expedition was always so much about me. I wanted to bring as many people as possible with me on this journey. I returned to the UK on 14 Jan and completed a 3 month talking tour around schools all over the UK, reaching over 18,000 students. I wanted to inspire as many people as possible, to show that we can achieve anything. No matter where we are from, what we look like, whatever start point we have.. we can achieve anything.

I am now back to my full time role in the Army but using all of my spare time to train for Phase 2 of my expedition.

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