Hercules Inlet to South Pole

I am now in Antarctica on my solo, unsupported expedition to the South Pole. This involves me travelling 700 miles, pulling a pulk (sledge) with all of my kit, battling temperatures of up to -50c and wind speeds of up to 60mph. This journey will take approximately 45 – 47 days. See below for live tracking and you can click on the map to hear my daily voice blogs. I hope you enjoy following the journey!


Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. Nobody lives there permanently. I didn’t know much about the continent when I first started planning and that is what inspired me to go there. Hopefully doing something that pushes me so far out of my comfort zone will inspire others to do believe in themselves and push their boundaries. There are only a few female adventurers that have completed a solo, unsupported trek on this continent. It is time to add some more names, diversity and to make history.

“Nothing is impossible” I’ve always had this idea that I can achieve something great, something that allows me to be a role model. I want my 8 year old niece to grow up without boundaries, knowing the possibilities of what you can achieve in life are endless.

This journey aims to inspire future generations in achieving whatever they desire and pushing boundaries. By promoting and completing this challenge, it allows me to act as a role model to young people, women and those from ethnic backgrounds.

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