Four flights, a helicopter and a boat

Yes, it took four flights, a helicopter and a boat to get to the start line. About to get on the boat in the next hour and then no internet for a while. 

Very excited to start! The last day and a half have been spent sorting all of our equipment, buying our food and packing everything! My pulk (sled) weighs about 80kg and I have enough treats for the journey! 

My trusty Casio watch broke yesterday which was great timing but have “fixed it” with cord and tape. 

We have stayed at The Red House for the last two nights and Robert (the owner)has been amazing, literally drove us everywhere to get our fuel, food and equipment and invited us for food.

The next update will be when I’m on the ice! 

One thought on “Four flights, a helicopter and a boat

  1. You are so amazing! I can’t believe you are doing this. The start or the middle of a more epic polar journey! Good like. Don’t sweat. Be safe. Xx

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