Phase 2 – day 15

Today felt like a very long day. But I also get to change my socks today which is very exciting. To clarify, I have socks that I ski in and socks that I sleep in. I change into my sleeping socks every evening and I’m changing my ski socks every 15 days. That’s a liner sock and a slightly thicker sock on top. I didn’t bring more socks because I had to think of every bit of weight for this journey and sock changing day is a treat.

I was listening to songs and was listening to Emmy Meli’s song ‘I am Woman’ and I could listen to that song on repeat – I am woman, I am fearless… I’m unbeatable, I’m creative… I am feminine, I am masculine, I am anything I want.

I love these words. How often are we expected to fit in a box and told what we should be. I am anything I want and so are you.

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Phase 2 – day 14

So today the winds died down a little bit which made a huge difference and I felt good today. It was good visibility too which meant I could look at my shadow to navigate instead of staring down at my compass all day.

When I first had this idea, I genuinely started playing the lottery every week because I thought there is no way I would manage to raise the funding required.

So on that note, this one goes out to all of my sponsors that come under Team Forces; Amey, Anaplan, Atkins, BMC Software, Be Military Fit, boxxe, Costain Group PLC, Dell Technologies, Fujitsu, Improbable Defence, Kromek Group PLC, Microsoft, Mitie, Punjab Covent Garden, Qioptiq, Salesforce, Sopra Steria, Shared Services Connected Ltd, Ultra Electronics Group and Veeam Software. It was such a pleasure to be able to meet people face to face at the launch event and I am so grateful for your support. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you so much.

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Phase 2 – day 13

Hi everyone. A very windy day today, received a weather warning that this evening would be around 60mph winds so I stopped a little early to secure my tent.

The Women in Defence awards took place yesterday, sadly I couldn’t make it. I was nominated for the Inspirational Award which is a real privilege and I have been told that I won. All I really ever wanted was to inspire others so this is incredibly special to me. It’s really tough to feel good about myself and i’m finding it tough, and it’s hard to be kind to myself. It’s really heartwarming to hear others have been inspired so thank you.

I was also told that I won the Woman of the Year Award and just wow. Thank you so very much.

This post is for all those that have inspired me. To all of those stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’re all winners.

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Phase 2 – day 12

Hi everyone. Low cloud again at the start of the day and then the sun came out later. So the wind is picking up, ALE have told me to expect a storm tomorrow. This means I will finish skiing earlier tomorrow to make sure I’m in the tent before the wind picks up.

I am working with Global Telesat Communications (@globaltelesatcomms) who have provided most of my communications kit, they are really important pieces of equipment that I carry for safety purposes and also to keep people up to date on my expedition. It is the same kit I used for my last expedition. I have a satellite phone and I use this to do my daily blog, I am currently leaving a voicemail and my partner, Dave, types it up every day on the website. My sister in law, Sonia, is then copying them onto my social media so I don’t actually see any messages until I’m back. I use my Iridium Go! to send photos back too when I can. Thank you so much GTC. I also use an InReach as a tracking device and I have 2 Garmin GPS devices where I have stored all of my waypoints and this is how I know my location and my bearings for my direction of travel.

(NOTE: If listening to the audio blog the audio cuts out at 1.08 today, please read the transcript above instead)

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Phase 2 – day 11

Hi everyone. I felt good as I was skiing today, good visibility. I have to remind myself not to push the hours to get more mileage as I am still travelling quite slowly, but I remind myself that I still have another 60 days to go as well.

To Col Chris Coats and Col Neil Wilson from Army Adventurous Training Group, you were the first people in the Military that supported me when a lot didn’t. From a lot of very long calls and even sending emails to help me from a hospital bed one day post op, your support has been invaluable.

Thank you so much.

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Phase 2 – day 10

Hi everyone on day 10. It’s been a pretty tough ten days so far. I’m moving slowly with my heavy pulk. Fell a few times today during the whiteout, no injuries, you just cant really see where your’e going when theres a whiteout. But it turned into low cloud later in the afternoon so I had a bit of visibility which was nice.

Today I get to announce another winner of the school competition. Congratulations to Evie-Rose who is in year 4 at St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School. Evie-Rose wrote some words that I want to share with you:

“It would be really special to see my logo on the pulk of the first woman to cross Antarctica solo (and unsupported) as this is very inspiring to me as a little girl. I put a lot of work and creativity into my logo. I think it is amazing to cross Antarctica and it would be cool if my logo could go on that journey with Preet. I drew her pulk because I wanted to show how she was able to bring all of her things in a small space and in cold snow weather. This is really impressive”.

Thank you so much Evie-Rose, I love this creative drawing of me with my pulk getting to the South Pole earlier this year. I love having your logo with me.  

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Phase 2 – day 9

Hi everyone. Another tough day today. Very windy but getting through it step by step.

So I have trained with a range of companies this year, which is similar to how I trained for the first expedition. I found companies online or on social media who I wanted to thank. Thank you to Arc Guiding (@arc_guiding) for helping me train in Scotland earlier this year. Huge thank you to Chamex and to JP ( and David Sanabria (@davidsanabria_mountainguide) for the training we did in the Alps and helping me get up Mont Blanc.

And to Sgt Gaz Mitchell who is a Royal Marines PTI for training me in the Alps as well. This year I wanted to get as much training as I could on glaciers to help me with the end of this expedition where I have to cross a glacier.

Thats all for tonight.

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Phase 2 – day 8

Hi everyone. Tough day today. The wind picked up in the afternoon and it took me a while to put the tent up. I’m in the tent now and I have had my dinner ready for another day. I don’t spend too much time focusing on how tough the day was. It was tough, and I got through it. I’ll do the same tomorrow and the next day.

So this post goes out to Team Forces. I want to say a huge thank you for all of your support. There are so many people from Team Forces helping me, from sponsors to so much more. I first connected with Maj Gen Lamont Kirkland in January 2021 on LinkedIn, at the time I was struggling to get people interested in my expedition and we have come such a huge way since then. Thank you for helping me and becoming a huge part of my team. To name a few members of the team, thank you Lt Col Tim Wakefield, Catharine Moss and Kerry Godley.

Thank you so so much for everything.

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Phase 2 – day 7

Hi everyone. On day seven today. There was soft snow on the ground today which made it tougher to drag my pulk. Routine is really important while I’m out here so I ski for an hour before having a ten minute break and continue that for the day. As soon as I have finished for the day I put my tent up, start melting snow so I can have some dinner, and when I have completed my admin I go to bed. So its a simple life really. It can be tough but its simple as well.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my kit. I am working with Mountain Equipment, I am using pretty much all of the same kit that I used last year. I really like their polar jacket and salopettes and I’m using the same sleeping bag which is the Redline sleeping bag. Thank you Mountain Equipment.

Thats all for tonight.

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Phase 2 – day 6

Hi everyone. So not much wind today which was nice. There was low cloud so I couldn’t really see much in front of me. I wear a compass mount at all times to keep me going in the right direction. Keeping my hours steady and still feeling good.

So this goes out to my headline sponsor, Cognizant. Thank you so much for hosting the launch event before I left. One of their values is to ‘always strive, never settle’ and I think this is something I very much relate to. It is never easy to push outside your comfort zone but it amazing when you do.

Do something to step outside of your comfort zone, this could be anything. Take the first step and see how it feels. You may be amazed by what you’re capable of, I’m still learning what I’m capable of too. 

To Cognizant, thank you so much for your support.

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