meet Elsa

“Do you want to see my scar?”

Don’t swipe if you don’t want to to see the wound!

After I tell people the injury is called polar thigh, I really need to remember to say it’s on my calf!

I named her Elsa. This is the injury (polar thigh) that I got from my last expedition. I was wearing three layers of clothing – nothing tight fitting. Caused by the wind and cold.

It started quite early on in the 70 day exped, it looked like a bruise to start with and then a scab. When the scab broke open, the pain got worse. I rationed my pain relief for as long as I could and had one tablet left for the last 2 weeks (I took that in the last 48hrs).

I dressed it daily in the tent but after the wound opened, I kept the dressing on. A few photos of my leg during the trip and after..

So many people helped me get through the injury – I had surgery at Derby Univeristy Hospital back in Feb this year and all of the staff were amazing 💜

Elsa is doing well, she’s a little hypersensitive (on touch) but healing well. And she loves her name!

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