The school competition

Running this competition was very close to my heart. When organising anything, it can be a bit stressful! Working full time, planning my exped, training and then trying to organise this competition. But it was so worth it! 

I fell quite a lot in Antarctica, I faced many low moments. I would often look back at my sled at these 11 logos and smile.

Being able to announce the school winners each week and their words (why their logo should come to Antarctica) was a joy.

It took me a while to post this photo because I wanted to give it to all of the school winners first along with a small gift. I have now visited all of the winners of the school competition. 
Thank you all so much for taking part in the competition, it has been so lovely to meet you all 💜

I’m quite a passionate speaker, passionate about wanting to inspire people and show them they can push any boundaries so I hope this comes across in the talks. 

Unfortunately I am unable to attend anymore schools. I’m back in my full time Army role and grateful that they allowed me the time to go to these school 🙌🏽

📸 all the logos on my sled. Taken just under 24hrs after finishing and about to leave Antarctica. 

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