Whenever I come back from an expedition, I always receive comments about me being a millionaire and I have no idea where that comes from! The comments are generally from adults..

Maybe because I have been seen on the news – I do not get paid for the interviews.

I am in the Regular Army but took unpaid leave from work to do this expedition. My role in the Army is as a physiotherapist.

There is a huge contrast between the two expeditions I completed. Phase one was 700 miles to the Pole. Phase two was 922 miles. Other than the difficulty level, when I got back from phase one, I was in a lot of debt. I used my life savings and more to train for the expedition. This was a low point for me in training, I had used all of my money on training instead of for a house deposit and I still had no sponsors.

It took me over a year and a half to get my first sponsor on board for this trip. I emailed 10-15 companies daily and I’ll never forget the email when the first sponsor came on board.

For phase two, I was not being paid for the expedition as I took unpaid leave from work. I did not earn money from either exped but for phase two I did get enough sponsors to cover the cost of the expedition. This means I did not come back in debt 🙌🏽

The training and expeditions were tough but I also wouldn’t change any of it.

I’m not certain exactly what the future holds and there is a lot I want to do.. but I am currently back in my full time Army role.

One thing I can tell you is that I won’t ever stop pushing those boundaries..

📸 taken approx 4 hrs after finishing phase 2. On the plane on the way back to Union Glacier. Smiling because I know I get to have a shower in a few hours 😂

3 thoughts on “Finances

  1. Such a shame that narrow-minded people used the billionaire tag with no thought for what actually happened.

  2. Preet you are a fantastic inspiration to all and as an ex medic I am so proud of you accomplishing everything you have done so far. You are an absolute credit to the corps and deserve every accolade. Do not take any notice of anyone trying to discredit you, they haven’t done what you have done. Even though it must be difficult for you, please ignore your detractors IAF

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