It feels strange to post my two Guinness world records with the title failure but hear me out. 

My aim was to complete a solo unsupported expedition of Antarctica and finish at Reedy Glaicer. I fell about 100 miles short and failed to meet my initial aim. When I finished, I’ll admit I felt disappointed. 

But when I use the word failure now I don’t mean it to come with negative connotations. I failed to reach my initial aim. I had to change the goal and that’s exactly what I did. I kept going for as long as I could. I finished on the 23 Jan 2023, the last passenger flight out of Antarctica was on the 24 Jan. I pushed as long and hard as I could. 

So here I am, recognising and owning (probably for the first time) my achievement. I don’t know why I have this habit of downplaying the things I do. I have come across a lot of people I thought were arrogant and I wanted to be as far away from that as possible. I hope I can be humble, these achievements are only possible because of those that helped me get here (ALE, sponsors, every person that helped me train etc). 

While I was on the ice, a post was put out that claimed my exped was solo, unsupported and unaided. The word unaided is no longer used in the polar expedition classification system. I don’t personally post on my social media while I’m on the ice but of course take full responsibility for anything posted. The last thing I would ever want to do is exaggerate or “enhance” any achievements. 

I believe unaided was previously used to explain that I had no other aids (eg, kite support) which I did not have but as the term is no longer recognised.

I have removed the post using the word “unaided” and apologise for any confusion caused. 

2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Polar Preet, you did two amazing journeys: alone on the ice and a long way to go. Definitions aside, you faced challenges very few could handle. Great stuff.

  2. Preet, Shackleton missed the South Pole target in January 1909 by 97 nautical miles…..think about that and look at his legacy even when he failed again on another expedition but saved all those colleagues. No whiff of failure, you have emulated with a magnificent endeavour and achievement. Go again!

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