Ups and downs

My injury is healing well and my body is starting to feel back to its normal self. Though for the last three years I’ve constantly been trying to put weight on for the 2021/2022 expedition and then the most recent expedition. Now I’m trying to get back to a healthier diet and not constant snacking! 

I’ve also been picking up smaller illnesses recently and realise I’m not quite back to full health. 

I am currently doing engagements but these are mainly for my expedition sponsors. I notice I feel very tired after an engagement and I’m for once not trying to squeeze too much in! 

I’m trying to take much better care of myself this year. Last year after my expedition, I was completing a lot of school talks and engagements and working full time. I realise now that I didn’t give myself anytime to recover from that trip. 

This year I’m taking my time and looking after myself more.

It is incredibly heartwarming to have so many requests for engagements and school talks. Sadly I can’t manage a lot of them at this time. 

I’m not quite sure what the future holds for now but I have no doubt boundaries will continue to be pushed 🙌🏽 with some down time in between..

📷 Dressing change pre surgery at Derby Hospital. I was looked after brilliantly by the whole team. Will update re: injures recovery with photos soon. 

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  1. Good luck Preet! You are 100% correct to look after your recovery first. The school talks and tours can wait a while.

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