27 Days on the Ice

I spent 27 days on the Greenland ice cap/ice fall, covering approximately 400km of the east coast.

I was told that the conditions in the Fall were much more challenging than the Spring. We had even worse conditions than usual. According to Lars, this is the longest anyone has been tent bound due to weather on a Greenland Exped 

My journey didn’t go to plan but what journey does. I was initially disappointed that we didn’t reach the west coast but realised I have learnt everything I wanted and more. 

We had difficult weather throughout due to the hurricanes in the Caribbean. Whiteouts, snow, rain, high winds and we’re unfortunate to have 11 days of storms throughout where we were unable to travel. 

The last 6 days were spent in our tent, getting up every few hours to dig the tent out, getting wet and cold every few hours digging our way out of the ongoing storm and rationing fuel at the end. We did feel like we were on a survival trip by the end! 

It was difficult but if anything, I now feel more prepared for my next training trip. The skills I’ve learnt on this expedition have been invaluable and will no doubt help me when I reach Antarctica 

A huge thank you to Are Johansen for your support and guiding me 

Thank you to my expedition manager Lou Rudd for managing my social media and Dave for updating my blog and both for keeping morale high.

Thank you Jenny Wordsworth, your in reach was invaluable! 

And thank you for all of your kind and supportive messages! No longer disappointed but proud of what I have achieved so far. I’m also happy now that I’ve had a Coke!  

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