Appreciate the small things

You learn to appreciate the small things. 

Keeping warm became a luxury in the last few days in Greenland. We were only sleeping a few hours at a time. The nalgene hot water bottles were a luxury. One bottle would go straight into my sleeping bag to my feet and I would hug the other one! 

I also started drinking just hot water from my thermos, not something I would usually do but it was just what I wanted. 

I was also eating less the late few days trying to avoid going out in the storm to go to the toilet. I would struggle to finish my dinner on the days I was tired and would have to force most of it down. The creamy pasta with pork was one of my favourite meals and I never had an issue with that. The porridge was the hardest thing to digest. I’ll start eating it again in the new year, I needed a break for a while! 

I had lost approx 5kg by the end of the expedition. Nutrition is key, making sure you’re eating enough calories and the right things. I’ll be trying my expedition food again in the New Year and trialling different food. 

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