Getting my degree will always remain one of my biggest achievements. Only having a few GCSEs and no A-levels, I never felt very academic and was so nervous about getting a place at university. I got myself on an access course and was so excited when I got accepted at St George’s to study physiotherapy. 

I remember going through anatomy and physiology in the first few months, feeling like I was completely in over my head. I was overwhelmed, nervous that I wouldn’t understand it, surrounded by students that were so much smarter than me. It can be so difficult not to compare yourself to others. I did get it eventually and became the first person in my family to get my degree. And now I’m doing my MSc, I never would’ve believed this 10 years ago! 

I finished paying my student loan today. When I first went to uni, I was told I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. I took a loan to pay for all of my accommodation etc and I did it. Fast forward 8 years and it’s paid off 😁

No matter how small or big, your achievements are achievements. Try not to compare yourself to others, easier said than done. But your journey is your own, nobody else’s. 

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