Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I’ve always loved travelling and being impulsive. The photos are from my last two birthdays. My 30th birthday (right) and my 31st birthday (left). For my 30th, I was in NYC with my best friend, we had cocktails and went to see a show. It was so lovely. I’ve been told the leather corset is not “appropriate” before but I love it. I’m still the same adventurous, crazy girl in this outfit.

For my 31st, I was on my way to Norway for my polar training course, all part of my training for Antarctica. Probably how you’ve seen me most of the time!

The truth is, I love both! I still love a good night out and can’t wait to go back to doing that. Doesn’t mean I love my adventures any less. You can literally be anything you want ❤️

I also love both looks!

2 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. Hi Preet
    Hope you are well and keeping up your plans.
    I’m essentially just the same – with one thing better, and the other not so brilliant.
    Keep up your pieces.
    Love from James and Dawn

  2. i here after i read about your south pole achievement. what a achievement ! congrats
    i wish that someday i will cross it

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