The last few days have been spent packing all of my food, kit and equipment. The 48 days of food alone took me 2 days to pack, everything has been taken out of their original wrappers, everything has been broken down into smaller pieces.

All of my evening meals are freeze dried (supplied by base camp food). My graze bags (what I eat during the day when I take short breaks on the ice) are a mixture of nuts, raisins, chocolates etc. But most importantly, I have also packed a daily hot chocolate! I’ll be given the fuel when I get to Antarctica.

My comms kit has all been set up too, I have tested my Satellite phones, inReach and Iridium Go, I have all of the waypoints in my GPS, marked on a map, my compass is ready and I’m good to go!

I want to say a huge thank you to Dell Technologies for supplying me with my laptop. I have a lot of spreadsheets where every bit of kit and food has been accounted for, I also have the gpx files on the laptop with the route.. so it is so useful having the laptop with me!

Waiting for a good weather window so will not be flying before 19 Nov.

7 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Preet, go on and smash it. Good for you. Leading the way for many to follow. Outstanding effort. Good luck. 👏👏👏💪

  2. You will be losing you in my thoughts and prayers until you get home.
    Love Debbie Colette’s Mom xx

  3. I am a relative of your dad’s friends. Jaswant and Risham(aunty and uncle) are my fufur and puya respectively. They mentioned you in passing conversation. I did a quick Google search and read the CNN article. Very inspiring, with all the ultras and now the South Pole mission. You really are breaking barriers and inspiring another generation of adventurers. Best of luck in your mission 🙂

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