Phase 2 – day 16

Hi everyone. So the sun was out today which was great. Makes such a difference when you can see where you’re going. I always wear my compass mount so I know my direction of travel. Theres nothing on the horizon, it all looks the same in each direction. Sometimes it feels like I’m hardly moving but I know I am when I check my GPS location in the evening.

I want to tell you about the research I’m conducting while out on the ice. I am working with Ultra Sports Science (@ultrasportsscience). In August I went to the Centre for Space Medicine and Extreme Environments to get a series of measurements to get information on body composition, energy expenditure, sleep, heart rate and I had some blood tests done too. When I’ve finished the expedition, I’ll go back to do the same tests.

I am also carrying some research equipment with me on the ice. I’m wearing an ActiGraph, which is a small wristwatch, I’m carry three of them which I am wearing at three different stages of the exped (start, middle and end). I’m doing an ECG on myself using the Faros system every 10 days. I also have some questionnaires to monitor my sleep, fatigue and mood. Hopefully we will get some really interesting data and I’ll keep you updated on the research.

Thats all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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  1. What progress, Preet!! I’d like to say what an honor it is to follow you on this incredible task. Keep going!

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