Phase 2 – day 24

Hi everyone. Today was ok. Good visibility at the start of today which turned to low cloud. The days are starting to feel like they blur together a bit.

This expedition would not be possible without Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (@antarcticlogistics) (ALE), they are my logistical support and have been with me through every step of planning. There are so many members of the team I want to thank, just to name a few: Steve Jones, Simon Abrahams (@simonmtnguide), Lucy Dowland (@lucy.dowland) and Sam Wilds.

Every day while I’m on the ice, I check in with ALE from my satellite phone, they are tracking me each step of the way. There are so many members of the team not just at Union Glacier but also in Punta Arenas that are supporting my expedition and so many more.

I wanted to do this crossing last year but my expedition was rejected by ALE because I did not have enough experience. They were 100% right so I created phase one to get the experience. That was the 700 miles I completed earlier this year. A rejection does not always need to be the end of the story, it can be an opportunity. That additional experience I have has been invaluable.

Thats all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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