Phase 2 – day 40

Hi everyone. Today felt really long, a lot of Sastrugi and spent the day working my way through it.

So I’m going to put a trigger warning with this post.

I know quite a few people that have been struggling with their mental health, those that are close to me and have thought of taking their own life, those that have tried. My cousin, Paul, took his own life 12 years ago today on the 23 Dec, I had no idea he was struggling. I just want to say to anyone that has ever felt this way or is struggling, please remember that you are not alone. Please talk to somebody.

When I have been in dark places, I remember feeling at times like there was no escape. As though I was surrounded by this darkness and there was no light, but the light was and is there, it may be dim when you first see it but it is there.

That’s all for tonight.

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One thought on “Phase 2 – day 40

  1. Love what you said regarding poor mental health, you are an inspiration to all. Keep going, you are doing great IAF

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