Phase 2 – day 48

Hi Everyone. I’m still in a lot of soft snow, it’s difficult moving slowly through the snow. I’m still taking it a step at a time and then a day at a time as well.

This blog goes out to my mum who I know is waiting for this voicemail every day. She has always told me that she is not as strong and brave as me. In most of my birthday cards, she writes that she is sorry she could not give me enough. The truth is she has given me so much more than she knows. I still remember when she got a divorce and not many people stood by her in our community. So to my mum, thank you so much for showing me that you do not need to listen to the majority. You broke boundaries I did not even have to think about.

Also mum, I hope you have bought me an advent calendar this year. I will happily eat them all on one go when I’ve finished (that is what I do anyway!).

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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