Phase 2 – day 55

Hi Everyone. Another day working my way through soft snow, but the sun was out which is always good for morale.

So, I did not know anything about Antarctica when I had this idea around August 2019. I didn’t even know where to start so I started on google. It has been a tough journey to get to this point, I have not found it easy at all.

I never thought I would be here or be able to achieve something like this. I’m just so glad I didn’t listen to the people that told me no.

It is ok if you cannot relate to the journey I’m doing, I understand that and it would’ve been me before I had the idea. If you take anything at all from this, please believe that you can achieve anything you want. I’m sure it will be hard work to get there but you can do it.

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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