Phase 2 – day 58

Hi Everyone. Preet is pushing hard to get some extra miles in and therefore not putting a post up today. Please enjoy this short update instead.

The journey so far:

Preet is 58 days into the expedition and has just passed the South Pole. Her last GPS update showed that she has travelled 694.23 miles so far, solo and unassisted. She is now pushing towards the coast on the final phase of the exped.

The weather is currently -31 degrees centigrade and visibility has been poor for a lot of her journey so far. Despite the cold temperatures the snow is soft, which is making dragging the pulk harder and slowing her down. Some days she is walking for 15 hours plus to cover the distance needed. It takes her approximately 4 hours a day to melt snow for water, cook and eat, leaving her with 5-6 hours sleep each day.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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