Phase 2 – day 61

Hi Everyone. So I’m still keeping up the long days. Because of that I’m not sleeping up so I’ll adjust my hours to make sure I’m getting the sleep. Last year I was so sleep deprived at one point I started hallucinating and I dont want to do that again. I am also just very tired and start moving very slowly when I go over 24 hours at once. It’s really cold today. In weather like this my breaks are short, just to get some food and fluid before continuing.

The more I do things that are different to what is expected of me, the more push back I receive. I have been called stupid, naive and many more words. When I get past the frustration, I realise that not everybody wants to see you succeed and often people want some control over you, that’s my experience anyway. It has often made me feel nervous, if this many people are standing against me, am I in the wrong? But the more I do the more confidence I gain and I will not let others control me anymore, I will not let anyone dim this light. Don’t let anyone dim your light.

That’s all for tonight.

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