Phase 2 – day 65

Hi Everyone. Had a long cold day today and it’s getting a bit windy as well. But when I’m in the tent I put boiling water in my nalgene water bottle which I first put by my feet before sleeping, then I hug it overnight to keep me warm.

So today I announce the final winner of the school competition. Simrat Soggi from Landau Forte College, Derby.

I love this logo, it is really creative and I love the meaning behind it.

Simrat said: ‘I was very inspired by Preet; an Asian woman from Derby, pushing herself to achieve dreams despite typical clichés and obstacles that Asian women can face. Being of Asian heritage, I can relate. Through hard work, the boundaries she is breaking to achieve her ambitions is admirable, giving me confidence that I can also achieve the same. My design celebrates and champions strong Asian women using:

  • Mandala patterns and colour to resonate the beauty of Asian heritages.
  • Logo ‘Break Boundaries’ to encourage young Asian women to push themselves.
  • A map of Antarctica, reminding people of Preet’s expedition.’

Thank you so much Simrat, I love everything about this logo and the words to go with it.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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