Earlier this week, it was my homecoming event which was organised by my expedition sponsors. 

Since I’ve come back to the UK, I haven’t left the house much. This was the most I had been out the house since I’ve been back. I felt exhausted when I got back to the UK on the 28 Jan but I’m feeling more alive daily and my body is recovering. 

I was actually a little bit nervous about spending so much time out of the house. This is not like me at all, I’m usually quite an energetic person. My energy is coming back just not as quick as I want it to. 

And I had nothing to feel nervous about. I got lifts to and back from the event and it was so lovely to see so many people that had supported me. 

I was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the support in this room. Thank you everyone ❤️ 

And it was my birthday! I turned 34 and yes I’m wearing a birthday badge (thank you to Dave, my partner, for supplying the badge..). I love birthdays and love to celebrate them. I’m sure I’ll have further celebrations later in the year when I’m fully recovered. And I truly believe that birthday month is a real thing although Dave disagrees.

It was really nice to be able to dress up. I have a dressing on for my leg injury but decided to wear a dress anyway and I’m glad I did. You can see my dressing on the second photo but i think it adds to my style…

A huge thank you to everyone on the Lorraine show for doing my hair and makeup that morning! 

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