1000 miles together

We went into lockdown at the start of the year and I wanted to do something to bring people together. So I decided to create a challenge, the aim was to complete 1000 miles together. Anyone could join in and complete as many miles as they wanted over the month. Together we completed 1311.5 miles! Thank you so much to everybody that got involved, I love the videos and photos. As you can see from the video, people got creative, we have people running, walking, horse riding, skiing, kayaking and some fancy dress too.

I hope this challenge helped you as it definitely kept me motivated and shows how much we can achieve together. It may have just been a few miles to you, but you all contributed to this 1311.5 miles, well done everyone!

Lockdown has been tough and putting this video together took me ages (not one of my skills!) but also made me smile.

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