A lot of people are quick to tell me how lucky I am, to have this opportunity. I’m lucky that I was born in the UK but nothing comes easy, I have faced many barriers along the way.

I’ve been asked how I got the opportunity to go to Antarctica?
I had an idea, I wanted to do something so far out of my comfort zone and I decided on Antarctica. I had no polar experience at the time.

I was starting from the beginning. I went onto google to look at different expeditions that had been done. Would I run, ski? I started following people on Instagram, reading their blogs and I learnt more and more.

I booked annual leave and completed a polar training course. It was not cheap and I was paying for the first year of my MSc at the same time so most of it went onto my credit card.

During summer leave, I was determined to get to Greenland. I had about 2 weeks to find a guide and borrow the kit and equipment I needed. As well as using all of my savings, it took me 6 months to pay off that expedition but it was worth it. It was a challenging trip but I learnt so much from it.

To find sponsors and supporters, I emailed 100’s of companies. I went through so many enquiry pages and don’t know how many were read. Most companies don’t reply, a lot say no and then eventually one company said yes. I was so happy, none of this would be possible without supporters.

It has been hard work to get this far and I’m so grateful for everybody that has come on board to support me. More information to follow on my supporters next week.

At every stage, I’ve had people look at me like I’m crazy, told me I can’t do it. But there are also the people that find it amazing and are inspired ❤️

These are only a few examples of my training for Antarctica. I have been using my annual leave to train, used all of my savings to get there because when you want something so much, you will do anything to get there.

Opportunities don’t come to your door step. Go out and find them. Take that first step

📸 this mornings run. Keep training hard 💪🏽

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