As many others, I have been constantly checking entry restrictions into Europe. The aim was to head to Norway between Jan-Mar but this wasn’t possible due to travel restrictions. 

The plan was to do a final preparation trip with my expedition manager (Louis Rudd) and a chance to practice everything I’ve been taught before heading onto my Antarctic expedition. 

We decided on Iceland two months ago, hoping we would get a good weather window.  The time came around quickly, I met Louis at Heathrow Airport on 8 August where we rearranged some of our kit into the pulks.

The first task was navigating the pulks through Heathrow and Keflavik Airport (Iceland). From there, we were picked up by an impressive 4×4 and trailer for our pulks. Three hour drive to Langjokull Glacier, we arranged our pulks, picked up fuel and then drove a further 30 mins to get to the snow. 

We skied for 2.5hrs with our pulks before setting up our tents and preparing for the rest of the expedition

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