I had three days in the UK after training in Iceland, cleaned my kit, attended a friend’s wedding, fit as many meetings as I could, took another Covid test and flew to Geneva. Next stop – Chamonix.

The last time I was in Chamonix was Aug 2016 when I did Tour Du Mont Blanc. I remember seeing people finish the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), I thought to myself I want to do this race one day. Five years later, I came back to Chamonix and saw the same race again. I’m still going to have to enter this one day but let’s concentrate on the other big expedition I have first…..

Crevasses can be pretty daunting, they can be huge deep cracks in ice sheets/on glaciers so it is important to be prepared. That means being roped up and carrying the right kit and equipment including a helmet, ice axe, harness etc.

The next few days were spent crevasse training, reviewing the equipment I will be taking with me and looking at my route in detail.

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