It’s getting real

Seeing PolarPreet and Army on the same logo still feels surreal. I came up with this name just over 2 years ago and it has been hard work to get to this point. It also makes me feel proud that I now have got here. 

It has been a busy week getting all of my kit together. I wanted to send as much as possible by air freight: my pulk, all of my food, kit and equipment. This will now be sent via air freight to Punta Arenas, Chile and I’ll pick it up in just over a month! 

My kitchen is looking a bit empty without my 210cm length pulk taking up most of the room! 

I’m aiming to leave the UK at the start of November and then start my expedition on approx 21 November. I can’t believe I’m almost at the start line. I’m getting pretty excited! 

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