Day 4

Hi everyone. Checking in from Day 4. I had good visibility again today which was great. I basically ski for 90 minute intervals then I take a break. I’m taking it one day at a time, I find thats an easier way to break up big challenges. I’m feeling good so far and still enjoying my own company which is helpful. Also, on day 2 I found the Covid mask that I was given at Union Glacier in my pocket. It made me laugh, because after weighing each gram in of all of my kit I still have that Covid mask in my pocket. So i’ve decided to name him Miles which is what my partner Dave wants to call the dog we dont have yet. So it’s me and Miles on our way to the south pole together.

This post is for Global Telesat Communications (@globaltelesatcomms) who have supplied most of my comms kit which are really key pieces of equipment. I have a Satellite phone which I use to make these daily calls, I have family listening to these voicemails and then updating my social media so I can’t see all of your messages until I’m back. My Iridium Go is what I’m using to send photos back. I also have an InReach which is being used as my tracking device and I also have 2 Garmin GPS devices where all of my waypoints are stored and I get my bearings and distance from these devices.

That’s all for tonight, ill check back in tomorrow.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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