Day 10

So today felt long, I think it was because this morning was a whiteout, which is where you cant see anything at all. Somebody else described it as “like travelling inside a marshmallow” which I think was a good example. This cleared after a few hours and then visibility was great in the afternoon. 11 hours done, had my days hot chocolate and now I’m ready for bed.

Every ten days, I finish one of my food bags so it is a bit of a milestone. Which made me think of the other big milestones I’ve had this year and haven’t really had a chance to celebrate. So every 10 days, I’m going to celebrate one of them. I’m on day 10 today and I bought my first house this year in May which was pretty exciting. Although it has mainly been a storage place for all of my expedition gear,  it has been nice to call a place my own! I don’t think I even stopped at the time to celebrate that so tonight I’m celebrating with freeze dried meal and a hot chocolate.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Preet it’s great to follow your daily blog – and even better when you reach your milestones – The Army Tennis family are all with you

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