Day 13

Hi everyone, another tough day today. Areas of soft snow made it quite hard work to drag a heavy pulk behind me. So, I knew I would have tough days out here and I have different things to help me along the way. I have voice notes from my friends saved on my phone, I’ve got about about 45 in total and I haven’t listened to any so far. Today I listened to a few of them and it was so great hearing the voices of those closest to me and it perked me right up.

This blog is for an outdoor community, named Love Her Wild (@loveherwilduk). I haven’t delivered many face to face talks about my expedition and the first was to this community. I spent the weekend camping with them, went wild swimming, listened to talks from inspirational women and gave my own talk. It was such a welcoming audience and a weekend I will never forget. Thank you Fiona (@fiona_orrell) for inviting me, Bex (bex_band), and the Love Her Wild community. Check them out they are a pretty amazing group of people.

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

One thought on “Day 13

  1. Hi Preet,
    You are amazing and what a mentor for our Asian community especially, you have inspired me even more as a Careers Adviser at Khalsa Secondary Academy where we would love you to come and speak to our young Cadets/students.
    Be brave, be safe and concur your expedition 🙂
    Ranjina (Jina) Basra

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