Day 15

Hi everyone. I had a good day today. It was only a little bit of wind and I got some good mileage in. It’s also a lot easier to put the tent up when its not as windy. I’m sticking to skiing for 90 minutes and taking a 10 minute break after every 90 minutes. Every now and again I have to stop in between as well, especially if I get too hot or to cold. You dont want to sweat because it will freeze, and I dont want any other injuries by getting too cold as well.

I’ve listened to three of Ben Fogle’s books so far. I listened to the last one today. “Up”, “Inspire” and “Race to the Pole”. I love them all and enjoyed listening to the descriptions of Antarctica in race to the pole. I wasn’t too sure about listening to expedition books while I’m here but I’m glad I did listen to it, I felt so invested and got teary eyed when he talks about getting to the pole. I haven’t really thought about how I will feel at the end, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

This post is for anybody that needs to hear this. It can often be those closest to us that hold us back. I am often called a rebel for doing things out of the norm, for pushing my boundaries. For a long time, I stopped telling as many people about the challenges I was doing or I would down play them.

You may not be able to relate to the challenge I am currently on, but I want to tell you it is ok to push your boundaries and I want to encourage you to do so. You can achieve anything you want and it soon becomes addictive, when you start pushing those boundaries. You’ll soon realise what you are capable of, I have (I say sitting in Antarctica..)

I feel like I have my own radio show but can’t see any of the feedback until I finish. So I hope you’re enjoying my journey, tune in tomorrow for more!

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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  1. We are enjoying your journey, and thank you for the reminder that you CAN achieve whatever you set your mind to!

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