Day 26

Hi everyone. Another long day. A lot of Sastrugi with poor visibility and blowing snow too just to top it off. I have 2 sets of goggles with me, one pair is for low visibility and the other is for when its sunny. Some days i pretty much swap them over at each break because they fog up really quickly and today was one of those days.

So, I finished Will Smiths audiobook the other day and he talks about how other people give you advice and basically mentions that other people give you advice based on their fears, their preducices and their experiences which I thought was really interesting. So, you’re living your life for the first time and how does anyone else know what you’re capable of, you may not even know yourself yet.

Hopefully another inspirational post for anybody that needs to hear it. You are capable of anything you want to achieve. It is always hard to start but you can do it. Just take it one step at a time. That is exactly what I’m doing out here, I’m taking one step at a time. You’ve got this (talking to myself at the same time).

Otherwise i’m doing well, i’ve started craving a coke zero and i’m hoping that i’ll be able to get one at the end. Thats all for tonight.

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