Day 29

Hi Everyone. So the terrain is pretty similar to the last few days. Lots of Sastrugi, uphill and headwind. Still lots and lots of uphill. At one point I was daydreaming about how it would feel going the other way with the wind behind me.

I’m doing ok so far. Bit tired. Feels strange to have been alone for 29 days, its funny I thought id feel more lonely but to be honest I felt much more lonely as a teenager living away and playing a sport full time I wasn’t enjoying.

Maybe while I’m here its because I know I have a lot of people supporting me or because I know it’s about much more than me. I also have my precious voice notes from my friends that I listen to on tough days. I never have much downtime, I’m quite enjoying my audiobooks as well as I’m going.

This is for my grandma (my Nani Ji) who is always ready to make me food no matter how quickly I’m passing through Derby. She gave me some money for Christmas before I left and told me to buy myself something. I tried to explain that I wouldn’t be getting anything from Antarctica but there was absolutely no way she wasn’t going to  give me that money. Thank you Grandma, I’ll get something on my way back.

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

2 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Namaste Preet, many congratulations on a fantastic achievement. I’m guessing you also know Wendy Searle, who i know too. Sorry I didn’t hear about your trip before undertaking it. I am sponsoring Wendy later this year. Best wishes, Chris

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