It is important for me to be honest about my experiences. The good and the not so good ones. I talked openly about my mental health in my last post and it is something I want to encourage, to be able to talk openly.

I still feel a little nervous when I write posts like that, worried that is sounds like I’m complaining. Thank you for all of your messages, they remind me we are not alone 💜

So often, we’ve been encouraged to say the “right thing” and look the “right way.” This meant for years I was trying to be somebody I wasn’t, in order to fit other peoples expectations.

It took me a while to get out of this, to be honest and real. I don’t believe anybody’s life is perfect, I think we all have our ups and downs.

I’ll be leaving the UK in less than two weeks to start my journey to Antarctica. There have been tough times to get here but I made it this far. I don’t always remember to look back and reflect. But I know for a fact my 15 year old self would be amazed at where we are now. Not just my 15 year old self, but my also 20, 25 and so on!

I’m so proud of myself. It feels strange writing that because I don’t say it very often but it is true. Take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements. However tough it’s gotten for you, you are reading this now and you made it through.

We have the power to face anything in front of us.

📸 laughing but also wanted a more secure place to stop on the multi pitch climb

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