Flight Delays

My expected flight date to Union Glacier, Antarctica was 5 Nov but there was snow on the runway and some bad weather. Delays are generally expected with the flights especially early in the season. I planned for the flights to be delayed so I haven’t felt any frustration at all. Focus on what you can control, I’m focusing on my upcoming expedition and excited to get started. 

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions are keeping me updated daily on the weather situation and the flight will be on as soon as there is a good weather window. 

Meanwhile, my packing is complete and hopefully there will be a good weather window soon ✈️ 🇦🇶 

I have put all the winning logos for the school competition on my pulk. They look AMAZING, I can’t wait to announce the winners weekly when I start the exped! 

📸 Evening walk in Punta Arenas enjoying the beautiful view. 

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