The final bits of preparation. 

I have been in Punta Arenas, Chile for 5 days now and have been doing the last bits of preparation. I sent my kit in boxes out by air freight a month ago and was reunited with them when I got here. The boxes contained all of my food and most of my kit. I booked an apartment here so I had space for all of my kit and a kitchen to prepare my food. 

The food takes a while to pack, I haven’t left the apartment much since I have been here. I have emptied all of my food from its original packaging, cut the snacks into smaller bite sized pieces. 73 days of food has now been packed. All of the empty food bags will be carried with me for the duration of the expedition.

I have tested my communications kit and set up my harness and stove systems. I have put the first sticker on my pulk (sled), Simran (named after my niece) and the stickers on my skis are named after my nephews (Karanveer and Arjan). I’ll be putting on the school competition winner stickers on my pulk today too (the winners will be announced each week when I’m on the ice)

We’re almost ready to go! The flight to Antarctica is weather dependent, should be leaving in the next few days 🙌🏽

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