Phase 2 – day 2

Hi everyone, so i’m on day 2. Its pretty cold at the moment and very windy, a lot colder and windier than when I started last year. But I started later in the season last year and I know the weather can be more tempremental early on. I can really feel my 120kg pulk. Going quite slow at the moment but i’ll gradually build up my mileage as my pulk gets lighter too and I just need to remember that I am doing this day after day so I dont want to do too many hours too soon.

Today I want to talk about the school competition I am running. I really wanted to bring people along with me on this expedition so I decided to create a school competition. The competition involved schools creating a logo that could go onto my pulk (my sled), thank you so much to the schools that got involved, it was really difficult picking 11 winners.

The competition was not run through any organisation, it was just an idea that I had and I want to thank all of the amazing people that offered to help me and spread the word in their Regions. A huge thank you to my future sister in law, Rachael Jarman for helping manage the entries.

I will be announcing the first winner starting from tomorrow and then ill announce each winner every week. I have created all the winning logos into stickers and they look amazing on my Pulk.

Thats all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

3 thoughts on “Phase 2 – day 2

  1. Hi PP ! Remember that cold is just an absence of heat?! I remember being told that in a science class years ago (during the era you could be caned by the headmaster for misdemeanour!). Not sure what it really means but hopefully this nonsense and waffle put a smile on your face as you embrace your challenge! One step at a time; think warm and you’ll achieve what you hope for. 🔥 😁

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