Phase 2 – day 3

Hi everyone, a bit of a rough day. There was a whiteout today soI couldn’t see anything in front of me which doesn’t help when you’re trying to ski around the sastrugi which are the wind shaped ridges. I can really feel the weight of my pulk but I know after each meal the pulk gets slightly lighter. I’m also taking it one day at a time.

So let’s start the school competition, winners will be announced every Wednesday. I had some amazing entries and it was tough choosing the winners. I have created all of the winning logos into stickers and they are on my pulk (sled). The image that is posted is today’s winner.

Darcey Wright is in year 9 at Broadland High Ormiston Academy. I asked students to write up to 100 words why their logo should be chosen and I wanted to share some of Darcey’s words with you:

I took inspiration from the idea ‘nothing’s impossible’ that Preet has always used to be motivated to achieve great things.. I think that my logo will inspire others that they can push boundaries, achieve anything and never give up.”

Darcey, thank you so much, I love having your logo on my pulk and it is definitely making me feel inspired!

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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