Phase 2 – day 9

Hi everyone. Another tough day today. Very windy but getting through it step by step.

So I have trained with a range of companies this year, which is similar to how I trained for the first expedition. I found companies online or on social media who I wanted to thank. Thank you to Arc Guiding (@arc_guiding) for helping me train in Scotland earlier this year. Huge thank you to Chamex and to JP ( and David Sanabria (@davidsanabria_mountainguide) for the training we did in the Alps and helping me get up Mont Blanc.

And to Sgt Gaz Mitchell who is a Royal Marines PTI for training me in the Alps as well. This year I wanted to get as much training as I could on glaciers to help me with the end of this expedition where I have to cross a glacier.

Thats all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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