Phase 2 – day 10

Hi everyone on day 10. It’s been a pretty tough ten days so far. I’m moving slowly with my heavy pulk. Fell a few times today during the whiteout, no injuries, you just cant really see where your’e going when theres a whiteout. But it turned into low cloud later in the afternoon so I had a bit of visibility which was nice.

Today I get to announce another winner of the school competition. Congratulations to Evie-Rose who is in year 4 at St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School. Evie-Rose wrote some words that I want to share with you:

“It would be really special to see my logo on the pulk of the first woman to cross Antarctica solo (and unsupported) as this is very inspiring to me as a little girl. I put a lot of work and creativity into my logo. I think it is amazing to cross Antarctica and it would be cool if my logo could go on that journey with Preet. I drew her pulk because I wanted to show how she was able to bring all of her things in a small space and in cold snow weather. This is really impressive”.

Thank you so much Evie-Rose, I love this creative drawing of me with my pulk getting to the South Pole earlier this year. I love having your logo with me.  

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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