Phase 2 – day 12

Hi everyone. Low cloud again at the start of the day and then the sun came out later. So the wind is picking up, ALE have told me to expect a storm tomorrow. This means I will finish skiing earlier tomorrow to make sure I’m in the tent before the wind picks up.

I am working with Global Telesat Communications (@globaltelesatcomms) who have provided most of my communications kit, they are really important pieces of equipment that I carry for safety purposes and also to keep people up to date on my expedition. It is the same kit I used for my last expedition. I have a satellite phone and I use this to do my daily blog, I am currently leaving a voicemail and my partner, Dave, types it up every day on the website. My sister in law, Sonia, is then copying them onto my social media so I don’t actually see any messages until I’m back. I use my Iridium Go! to send photos back too when I can. Thank you so much GTC. I also use an InReach as a tracking device and I have 2 Garmin GPS devices where I have stored all of my waypoints and this is how I know my location and my bearings for my direction of travel.

(NOTE: If listening to the audio blog the audio cuts out at 1.08 today, please read the transcript above instead)

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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